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Aerial Photogrammetry, with origins dating back into the late 1800's, remains today as a premier method of creating cartographic products and maps.  Applications are varied, ranging from simple planning and land use maps to highly complex Engineering projects.  Photogrammetry is ideally suited for mapping normal, unusual or inaccessible sites.

Advanced Mapping Technologies is a modern, experienced, and frontier oriented company. We are dedicated to offering a variety of services that include the following: aerial photography, photographic enlargements, aerotriangulation, digital mapping, orthophotography hardcopy line drawings and CAD data file delivery onto various computer platforms and software programs.

When your project needs the practical and technical support of photogrammetry, we are here, ready to assist you in any way possible. If you are a veteran user of "aerial surveying", then you already know the benefits. If not, then there are broad horizons of advantage awaiting you. In either case, you will not be disappointed when you contact us for our recommendations about the needs of your particular project.

Medium to low altitude photography, coupled with precision stereo plotting equipment, allows for us to map from a few acres, to literally thousands of acres of land; all with extraordinary accuracy, detail, and economy. This is the foundation of our service to you.

Our stereo compilation is performed and supervised on first order instrumentation, by a Certified Photogrammetrist (ASPRS). To facilitate the mapping process, our equipment is interfaced in real-time to a specialized CAD system, with interactive graphics support. Three dimensional data collection and mapping is accomplished as a first generation process, with no intermediate drafting or photographic intervention. The spatial integrity of map features is maintained throughout the collection process, and ground features, as identified in the aerial photography, are individually geo-coded by customized lines and symbols that have been created specifically for your project.

With our extensive experience in numerical photogrammetry and computer graphics, Advanced Mapping Technologies has established a quality and reliability that you can depend on.


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